Project-Based Learning



I (CainO’) just learned about PBL (Project Based Learning) from a woman I met on a date line in 2016. She wants to start her own PBL school. I told David-Ray about it and we have been doing our homework on the subject. We like the idea and concept.

Project-Based Learning is basically what we do when we graduate from school and get out into the real world. It is also what kids and adults do naturally outside of work and/or school with their friends, family and/or meetup groups. So why not start using it to help educate students?

We have already incorporated PBL into DD&D for not just kids, but for adults as well; only we are calling it “workshops”. If the she and I become an item, well then you will see even more of PBL; but we plan to ad more of this to our portfolio either way.



You can find our personal Project-Base Learning “workshops” under: Projects / workshops: