I CainO’ have a class A CDL, endorsements PTX; and some heavy equipment experience. The only restriction I have is that I wear glasses. I am an over the road truck driver; but on my off time, if you need a fill in driver, give me a call. I have an excellent record, excellent CSA score and I am supper certified with most all the New World Order rules regulations standards and guidelines, not that that is anything to brag about…



I typically charge $25/hr and/or 55cpm, but if you wish to pay me in real money and not dept based fiat federal reserve notes, I offer a 25% discount. I also accept CES. I have been driving for over 20years and have experience in most everything when it comes to the transportation industry. I am HazMat certified, I had TWIC for a decade; so I have passed duel homeland security background checks and clearances (even though I think that is just a money racket).

I hate the increase in the size, the cost, the extend of the reach and the power of soviet rule within our government; so I only get what I have to. I am certified in the most highest to work in the HazMat Chemical Tanker industry, because that has been my job for most of the last decade. You can find my resume at