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Farm Wars: GMO & Glyphosate: War on the planet

Martha Boneta
Peaceful Farmer – Liberty Farm – Paris, Virginia
An inspiration to small farmers, fighting the abuse of power!
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Adask Law – The Profit of Injustice

Midwest Permaculture – We deliver enlivening and highly useful permaculture training that sticks with students for a lifetime. We honor the traditional PDC curriculum while updating with present day progress. Our instructors are not only passionate about the subject but are excellent teachers and active permaculture practitioners as well. Students tell us this training saved them 2 to 3 years of self study.  Why? We focus on the nuts, the bolts and the brilliance of Permaculture. has solar powered well pumps. Looks like they are expensive. Might see have much to get a regular pump with an inverter. Especially, as i want to run such as a dump load. Efficiency is not really required in a dump-load. Even as not a dump load, if we’re putting the water up a tank, we don’t need to run the pump every time we need water. So we don’t have to have efficiency there either. Just enough well charged batteries. Also, many of the pumps are aluminum, not sure if i want moving aluminum parts wearing out in my eater supply.

LookingBackWoman is a customer of ours for the web development side of my businesses and is very like minded.
You should check her out! (: