Tires make pretty good building materials, for earth ships and etc. We also thought about using them for our roads. Right now we are using campers and other mobile structures, but we will be building OffGrid housing, work sheds and more on the land. We are accepting 15in used tires at this time, to put on the trailers that are stationary. So any 15in used tires that will hold air but are not road worthy, we are accepting at this time. Please do not bring us a large truck load of used tires! DeTrick has a pile of old tires he allowed someone to dump onto the other land I bought into, and I already have to deal with that; so I don’t need another pile of useless tires.

I am not sure of any other ways to recycle tires besides gardening, building material, home decor, or landscaping; bet here is a site that will give you some ideas:


tirejute      tirewebseat tireoutdoorstairs       tirestairs  xtiredogbed.jpg.pagespeed.ic.aNDvI4VuBq       tirechristmastree