Alternative Living


Most if not all our housing and infrastructure will be OffGrid type buildings and etc. We plan to have at least one of each type of off grid living and/or working quarters. We are working on having a Ti Pi or two this year 2016. We would like to build on of those wind mill houses you see in Holland; not just for looks, but the wind mill will also serve a purpose.

We currently have a couple travel trailers in-which we are operating out of, but we will have a mobile home or two as well as underground housing, clay huts and etc… We will have everything OffGrid as in that we will be producing our own utilities. The only thing we will have that is on the grid will be our phones and internet, everything else we will produce ourselves.

In the future; we will offer retreats for others to come, stay and learn how to duplicate what we are doing. We will be the Genni Pigs and help you learn from our mistakes as we are learning from others. We have been studying most this stuff for many years, so have a pretty good idea of what we are doing.