I originally wanted Black Snakes on the land because they are nonvenomous and they would help keep the rodent population down and they eat other snakes… but they might eat our cats, chickens and etc after they start getting too big; so we decided to go with pigs instead.

However; once we get our existing ponds to hold water again, we might need something safe to put in the water to keep bad snakes away. Is there a safe water snake or something else we can put in our ponds? If so, please let us know. Thanx!

Venomous Snakes
Non-venomous Snakes

After a long deliberation, we may default back to the Black Snake and keep it near the water and/or away from the pigs. Most water snakes will eat our fish and frogs that we want in our ponds. We will be raising fish for food, we need the frogs and other non-kosher bottom feeders to keep the ponds clean for our fish. The black snakes will keep other snakes down and small rodents. As long as the snakes don’t eat our cats, chickens and/or eggs, we are good.