Weed Control

If you are allergic to poison ivy and need someone to remove it for you, David-Ray and I (CainO’) are not allergic and can be of service. Poison Ivy, Poison Oak or whatever, we are not allergic to any of it. Any other yard waste removal, we can do that too.

Goats… David-Ray has been talking about a goat mowing service; if you need some goats to come and mow your field, David-Ray may have a plan for you. We don’t have any sheep as of 2016, but in the future we can do the same with sheep; goats and sheep eat different things.

Quote from David-Ray: “With no withholding, I’d ask 10FRNs. Prob the same in CES. But hadn’t thought about discounting for none debt based currency. actually, that’s not true. I would give a 20-33% or more discount for using silver. ie. I would work 8hrs for 2oz of silver when silver was 25-30 FRNs/oz. So maybe i should raise my standards for FRNs”

I “CainO” will work for 18 FRNs per hour, but offer a 25% discount for those who pay in CES, gold, silver or other form of “real money”. You can see my resume at CainO4Hire.com