There are four types of dogs we are looking for, mostly Goat dogs at this time, but coon dogs are the exception. We have coyote hunters in the area and they have coyote dogs that rome these parts and I think a couple of them are coon dogs. I mostly want a coon dog to help protect our cats and our birds, to help keep coon, possums and other critters we don’t want at bay.

The three type of goat dogs we are looking for are Anatolian, Akbash and Great Pyrenees. Any dogs we get, must be puppies so that we can raise them to know that the other animals on the farm are family.


Unfortunately Great Pyrenees tend to eat chickens, or so it seems; so we may be eliminating them from our list. Maybe a cross between the three above might cancel that out?

Another bread we are now looking at is Boston Terrier and Pit Bull mix. Mostly for pets and guard dogs, but not sure how well of a farm dog they will be.

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix – Is This Cross Right For You?