Free Energy


We are learning how to create our own energy and plan to educate the public on how to duplicate what we are doing… Here is a video for example on how to create your own batteries and/or battery chargers.. and etc…



My theory is to start out collecting old car batteries… Drain the old chemicals and ad the plasma solution to the old car batteries after they have been clean and purged of all the old chemicals.

Then create your earth batteries to connect to your plasma batteries. I am still looking for a better consent to creating an earth batteries then the one below, but the one below is not a bad start. I would just make it bigger with more “cells”. In the videos I have watched; you can not double the volts by adding cells, you can only increase it by about 1 volt max. I am still looking for the best way to make them. So you will want to do some homework and make sure you have plenty of room to make a large earth battery.

Then after that… You can build your own windmills buy building your own tower, taking a car or truck alternator and adding propellers or an “light” plastic engine fan to the alternator. Build a housing around the alternator to protect it from the rain. Then wire that up to your plasma batteries.



Make sure you go buy a charge controller, unless we can figure out how to make our own. Put the charge controller between the windmills / solar pannels and the battaries.

Power inverters and/or power converters, you have two options. You can buy one big one that converts power from 12 volt to 110 and etc… or run your 12 volt wires to each room and have individual power inverters in each room for the needs of that room.



Now; I am not 100% sure how the plasma batteries will work, I am still learning and have not played with the concept yet myself. The plasma batteries seem to produce more then 12 volts. So in theory; if you have enough plasma batteries in line, you may be able to generate a straight 110 volts directly from the batteries. So anyone who wants to join us in doing these experiments, we welcome you to do so.

You can then ad solar panels to your system later or sooner if you like. There are ways to make your own solar panels as well, but I understand that is a little more complicated. We will be conducting all these experiments on our land as part of our DD&D projects and then sharing the results with the public. You can get the info for free from our website, or you can pay us to come duplicate what we have done for you. We will in the future be having retreats for people to come and see all that we are doing first hand, for that we will be taking donations and or having paid subscriptions and/or memberships to help us support what we are doing.


There are all kinds of things out there, we will be studying them all and experimenting with them all. The ones that work, we will be using on the land. You can come see how far we have come and learn from our success!