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We are selling fresh food and goods.
Contact David-Ray about our U-Pick operation on the land.



Also, please check out Free Food And Medicine (.net) where you can learn to do some of the things we are doing. Everything you see on Markus Rothkranz website, we too will be selling on location eventually. Weather it is our own blends and/or his as well as his education material and material created by others.






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  1. Sorry for the long I really wanted to put some thought into it as this means the world to me. i have been studying permaculture and ecovillages for over 15 years. We have helped to start a few communities helping with organization and garbage warrior Earthship and cobb kinda stuff. Always been justbin the starts of a community. My kids and me are in dire need of seeing what could be. As we also have had a few bad past experiences ourselves with trying join with others to build. We have even been robbed and dumped in the desert,I want to contribute any way i can. Mentally physically, if I can monetarily too.

    I am an avid medicinal herbalist and a Gaian Warrior. I have my aptitude in thinking creatively and like to think of my endevours like Mythbusters, bill nye & mick dodge, mike reynolds all wrapped up into one. I dabble in the idea areas of projects to solve sustainable living barriers. Pyrolisis of plastic to make gas for our engines. engines that are made from a kiddie bike, a cpu magnet and the hitchball off an old pickup with it;s alternator… um I am currently in research of what i am calling “plateau domestication” undomesticating the farm critters so that can live a more healthy life and even our crops (cucumber preffer to grow in trees …really they do!) And the wild is easily tamed when you provide. We enjoy the visits of local city deer to our back yard from just leaving some yummy offerings to mother Gaia. Resource Based Economy! oh yeah Jae Seabol is a friend with One Community but he’s rich I preffer the poor but he has some awesomeness tha closely reflects my vision for when we find our Wanderer’s ( the name I picked for our farm) I’m gonna get there and then i’m gonna get help to get others that need homes there becaiuse I also know how to build for free. just need the please look me up on youtube WE2015 i think is my better window in our psychy

    We are now in Missouri. We bought a contract for deed flood home to stay the winter in but have found it rough since the home is conventionally built it is extremely hard to keep heated and currently living without utilities due to inspections and would be very hard to do sustainable utilities and stay legal and most sustainable options aren’t allowed. We have solar so we’re at least a good there me my husband and my two girls are so tired of wandering. Would like to find a place to build our forever forest farm and Gaiaship home.
    Very eager to visit.

    1. Sorry it took so long to respond, I just got this a few days ago. We don’t check our comments regularly. We would be happy to have you come and visit, we too have been living very primitively, maybe more so then yourself. We are not as far along as we hoped to be by this time, but we are moving forward and maybe we can learn from one another.The best thing to do is call or text either of us. David-Ray is there more full time, he has the 417 number. I am in Oklahoma working to support the dream, mine is the 816 number.

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