2016 was a bust. Last year we barely grew some onions and potatoes, along with some wild bird seed I planted.

DDD-Podcast: 2017-01-29

2017: We plan on trying to produce popcorn and some other fruits and vegetables.  So we will see what this year has in store.

Our GMO neighbors grow soybeans most the time, so we will not be growing that in order to prevent cross contamination. Sometimes they grow Milo, not sure if that is GMO or not. If so, we wont be growing that either.

Certified_Naturally_Grown_logoWe are not and never will be usda certified organic! We do not see them as qualified, since they are in the pockets of companies like Monsanto. We will run our own soil and water tests, post the results on our site; then allow you the consumer to determine if we are organic enough for you or not. Considering the pollution they are dumping on us through chem-trails, not to mention we drive automobiles on the land and allow our customers to do the same, not everything we nor our customers do are 100% organic, then we have our roundup ready neighbors and other outside factors like being right off of 39 highway for example. We may never be 100% organic; however, we will try to be as organic as possible.