KuneKunes Pigs

We don’t have any yet, but we plan to have a couple KuneKunes by 2018. Not for food, but as pet organic composting machines (Pocm’s). We have thought about breeding them and/or Juliana pigs for pets. They may not make “perfect” house pets; but from what I understand, they make better pets then dogs. The best thing; if you don’t like to mow your lawn, they will do it for you. You just have to make sure they stay in your yard.

They make great homestead pets, and they are good for meat if you are not Kosher. We are Kosher, so we are not raising our pigs for food. Our pigs will be as stated above and to help with other things like keeping the snake population down, just as our cats are for to keep the rodent population down.

We will be selecting our pigs for size and other characteristics, we defiantly do not want our pigs to get over 150 lbs is we can help it. KuneKunes can get up to 200 lbs, so that’s not too bad; but the smaller the better.