We are more Survivalists then Preppers, but we call ourselves OffGridders. Not like the Amish, but more like the Mennonites. Actually more like Hippy, Redneck, Mountain Men / City Slickers (like Green Acres)… lol.

We are also freedom fighters and understand that “We The People” are suppose to be the “Standing Army”. So we are working on setting up a FREE network of people to come together and practice via paintball, Lazar tag, soft air, martial arts, foraging for food and medicines and so forth. You might say like starting our own Militia, but not really. Just local people coming together within the community sharing self defense and survival knowledge, coming together to practice together.

Shearing knowledge, wisdom and coming together as a community for the community, to protect the our people and our homeland. I have land where we can practice all these things and we know others who do too.