We are accepting as much paper and/or cardboard as you can handle. This is a great material to feed your yard with. One of my Ex’s… we were together for only a year and a half; but when we got together, her lawn was very brown. So I fed her yard leftover food, paper, cardboard mostly; then ran it over with the lawn mower. The second year, there were lots of wild edibles growing and the yard was green again. The only downfall was, now she had to mow it.

So help us if you may, donate your unwanted paper, cardboard and other organic matter for we can compost it back into the earth…

PS… This should be under organic matter, and I had it there under “wood” because that’s where most paper comes from; but there wasn’t room in the drop down menu pop-outs. But yes; if your yard isn’t green, feed it properly and not with chemical crap from the store. And don’t fall for those false advertisements on TV, feed your yard organically and it will make you happy (:

Thanx, CainO’

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