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OMG! We have been talking about doing a podcast since 2014 and guess what!?!? Now we have on on the cusp of 2015/2016

So check out our DD&D Podcast at:

Where we will be talking about most things under the sun, we also plan to have our own Micro FM station on our land some day in the future. But for the time being, we will be working on our new podcast.


We have decided to run our Podcast every Sunday at 8:00-9:00pm central time every week. If we decide to do a random one, we will post it on our DD&D facebook page.


Our Podcasts was about alternative health, alternative energy and alternative thinking; but nobody calls in anymore. So for the time being, we have converted it to a Parallel Kingdom podcast; a game we have been playing and got addicted to. We signed up to PK in May and just after we started announcing that we were converting to a PK Podcast, PK announced that they are shutting down the game. So we will PK Podcast and/or whatever till the podcast totally dies out.


Please join my meeting:

1. Join the conference call:
Dial: (563) 999-2010
Access Code: 256012#
Sunday at 8:00pm central.

Additional Help

Joining the Conference – At the scheduled date and time of the online meeting, dial into the conference line and when prompted enter the access code followed by the pound key. You can then press *6 to mute or un-mute your line.


Thank you!


David-Rays Parallel Kingdom link:
CainO’s Parallel Kingdom link:
Fun & Games: We got on this game to network the farm, and it worked; but now we are addicted to it… lol

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