Organic Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes, we got sweet potatoes! We are selling our organically grown sweet potatoes at GMO roundup ready prices. We will price match with our local grocery stores, here in Cedar County, Missouri.


We used no pesticides, no herbicides, no chemicals or additives. Our produce is as 100% natural as one can get. Watered with well water, and rain water. The only chemicals that may have touched our products, is what may have come out of the air and rain.


Right now the local store is selling their regular sweet potatoes for $1.20 /lbs. We have red skins, orange, maples, white and purple. We are selling all but the purples for $1.20/lbs. The price will go up or down based on the local market. Our purples are all pretty much spoken for, but we are selling them for  $2.40/lbs which I belive to be under the market value.

Next year we hope to have more and more produce as well. This year that and the bird house gourds are the only things that did well. We will be selling the goods come spring. Next year we should have blackberries, garlic and onions too; at least. We plan to have melons and pumpkin too.