The Othertarian Church

David-Ray and I coined the phrase, Othertarian. Mostly because when signing up to date lines or social networks; we usually pick Christian-Other, Spiritual but not Religious, or just Other. So we came up with the name “Othertarian”.

Coming soon…

David-Ray and I (CainO’) subscribe to more Native American philosophies but not limited to one “organized” religion. The Othertarian Church is ideally to remain an unorganized religion. Namely our religion is based on “works”.  Actions speak louder then words! What you practice, that is your faith.

The only “organization” within the Othertarian Church is to be things as such:

Love God, and Love thy neighbor; and the rest shall fallow.
Do what’s right, when it is right; because it is right.
1 Corinthians 13 4-8: Love is Kind, Love is patient… etc…
Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
Faith, Hope and Charity; but the greatest of these is Love.
Protect your home, you neighbor and your community.

These are the foundations of the Othertarian Church. We practice Gods medicine over mans medicine. We practice equality, not authoritarianism. We practice hand ups, not hand outs. We practice doing things for the greater good. We are open to studying all religions and understand that there is no such thing as “the one true church”. Any church that claims to be the one true church, and that everyone else is going to hell; clearly they are not the right church.

We believe that these “good books” inspired by “whomever”, God or gods; are merely guidelines. Educational materials; written by and handed down from our ancestors, forefathers and mothers. It is all hearsay evidence, for we do not have first hand knowledge that any of it has not been adulterated. They are books to learn from, not to throw at others.

We want members to feel safe to express their feelings and beliefs without feeling as though they are going to be killed and/or condemned. We are all brothers and sisters. We don’t see any other religion as being “heathens” nor do we think that they are beneath us; we are all created equal, even though we don’t all act as such. We are a church based on love, kindness and understanding; just as Jesus and Buddha would have wanted.


We all have the same GOD; we either just think we don’t, are lost, or go about it in different ways. But the creator, whomever it is, still is and always will be; there is nothing we can do to change that.