Wild animals ate all our chickens :/ but when we get more; David-Ray wants Araucanas, Silkies and I think another…

We will basically have two coops and chicken areas. The first will be for the broody hens, there we will have our hatchery. The second will be for the non-broody hens, those will be for food and egg production also for food.

All our chickens will be free range, their diets will mostly consist of bugs. They will be part of our pest control program so we will not have to spray poisons. We will also be planting anti-bug plants to keep away the specific bugs we don’t want, like vampire bugs for example. The Chickens, Genny’s, Ducks, Cats and Geese will take care of the rest I hope… lol

Like weeds, there are some bugs we will want; so our permaculture will be designed to attract what we want where we want and prevent the rest as best we can.