Home Schooling


David-Ray is a major advocate for home schooling were I (CainO’) and more of an advocate for community schooling. We both are not huge fans of public schools; even though we went to public schools and our children went to public schools, we are not fans.

Mostly we didn’t know any better and/or really had no choice. Now David-Ray is looking to begin another family when he finds the right woman to do so with, and this time he plans to home school 100%

My idea of community schooling is similar to home schooling but not the same. I think we should go back to the old ways where the community builds the schools and the community picks the teachers. Why should we be forced to send our children to school with people we don’t know and trust? Now in our small town, this isn’t the case as much as you would have in larger towns; but still.

Why should we send our children off to be brainwashed by the New World Order agenda? I say we should be teaching our own children within our communities what we think needs to be taught. I remember many things I was taught in school, then later finding out it was all a lie. Two examples being the poppycock they fed us about the civil war and the other is what happened to the Native Americans.

I say pick your own teachers and have your children learn from them and yourself. As a Christian, Mormon or whatever you are, you wouldn’t send your kids off to some church that preaches anything you don’t believe to be true; so why would you send them to a school that teaches lies?

We are a long way from it; but once we get set up on our land, we would be more then happy to educate the local children within our community to duplicate our success. The children are our future; don’t let the NWO dumb them down so that they make good slaves, teach them how to think for themselves and be self sufficient.

We (mostly David-Ray) network with other homeschoolers in the area and they work together for community education for their children, they also seem to be wiser and more grounded; something worth looking into.

And for goodness sake, get them off the drugs! Don’t let doctors tell you your child has issues and they need drugs that will mess them up even more! There are way more better options and solutions; my Ex’s messed up my kids that way and there was noting I could do about it, the government shut me out. Now the Ex’s blame me for it all; I am perfectly healthy and my ex’s are more sickly the my grandparents, so you tell me? GET THE KIDS OFF THE CHEMICALS!!! That’s my rant, I am just trying to help!