David-Ray and I (CainO’) are both attuned to Reiki. Neither of us are Reiki masters, but we are trained in the way of the Force. 🙂

Reiki is energy healing and all three of us Davids are all healers in different ways. If someone needs Reiki, we are available. We do not charge for Reiki, we only charge for our time. We all value our time differently.

I CainO’ value my time at $19/hr. But if you use any form of payment other then dept based fiat federal reserve notes, I offer a 25% discount. I also accept CES.




Quote from David-Ray: “With no withholding, I’d ask 10FRNs. Prob the same in CES. But hadn’t thought about discounting for none debt based currency. actually, that’s not true. I would give a 20-33% or more discount for using silver. ie. I would work 8hrs for 2oz of silver when silver was 25-30 FRNs/oz. So maybe i should raise my standards for FRNs”