We are not yet a part of the Nemenhah, but I want to be. So here I endorse them and what they do. Someday I will be a member of their organization, right now I just have yet to have/make the time.



Each part of the Five-Fold Mission represents a single Point on a Hoop, neither beginning nor ending, and no point supersedes another in relevance.

Healing Individuals
Our Ministers forge the way through which individuals suffering from ailments both physical and spiritual may find Emergence and the structural organization of the Nemenhah People provides the security and safety to fulfill this sacred work.  Our Ministers operate within their Stewardships, as Custodians of bona-fide Ceremony of the Nemenhah, free from the inhibitory and exterminatory regulations of outside agencies (USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21B § 2000BB–1, RFRA).

Healing Families
The ceremonial practices and principles of the Nemenhah place utmost importance on the development and support of the intrinsic Family Unit, a concept rapidly losing relevance in today’s modern world.  Nemenhah Ministers place no greater significance than that over little children or for caring for our loved ones through the administering of sacred healing and sustainable living practices such as Permaculture and Sacred Giveaway.  Nemenhah Ministers, whether as practitioners of a specific modality or not, inspire their children and families toward developing ethical High Principles through regular spiritual activities, physical disciplines and youth activities, and also the broadening of young minds through education both at home and abroad.

Healing Communities
Nemenhah Ministers work to extract themselves from the Commerce Serpent where the buying and selling of goods and services, merely for the getting of gain, drives families and entire communities into the slavery of debt and endless consumerism.  Our Ministers rise above Commerce by transforming their practices and “clientele”  into parish establishments founded and administrated by sound ethical principles and ceremonies that promote essential charity, tolerance, civility and sustainability for the practitioner and his/her “clients”.  Clients become Parishioners, Congregants, Supplicants and members of a highly spiritual local congregation of like-minded people within a global community supported by “Pillars” of High Principles.

Healing Society
The especially high standards of practice, excellence and ethics promoted by Nemenhah Ministers is administrated universally through the implementation and practice of an indigenous Consensus Council System passed on to modern Nemenhah by our Ancestors.  Nemenhah is self-regulating with local, regional and global administration designed to provide our Ministers with every level of authoritative instruction and guidance they could possibly need, as well as the crucial religious infrastructure that provides for RFRA implementation and protection in the face of exterminatory persecution.  Our Ministers introduce the concept of governance that is based in universal moral and ethical religious orientation to Peoples and Nations by their own participation and by promoting the sound community-building practices found within Nemenhah Society in general.

Healing the Planet
By applying principles of personal, local and community sustainability through essential charity, moderation and ethical governance, Ministers of the Nemenhah strive to reduce the horrific impact of modern consumerist practices on the environment and our Mother Earth.  By expressing our devotion to “All my Relations” through the adoption and implementation of sustainable practices such as Permaculture, waste reduction, recycling and community based production and environmental awareness, our Ministers take a pro-active approach to restoring the health and vitality of this motherly sphere that sustains all life as we know it.

University of Nemenhah: