Farm Hand


We along with a couple other associates are also for farm hand and/or handy man work in the Cedar County area. If you have any misc work that needs to be done around your property, we might be able to help you. Just contact David-Ray:


Quote from David-Ray: “With no withholding, I’d ask 10FRNs. Prob the same in CES. But hadn’t thought about discounting for none debt based currency. actually, that’s not true. I would give a 20-33% or more discount for using silver. ie. I would work 8hrs for 2oz of silver when silver was 25-30 FRNs/oz. So maybe i should raise my standards for FRNs”

I “CainO” will work for 18 FRNs per hour, but offer a 25% discount for those who pay in CES, gold, silver or other form of “real money”. You can see my resume at



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