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We called it P&L, but it was officially called “Parties and Land Contract“. They claimed that it is an LLC; but according to my attorney, no LLC under that name exists. Come to find out, the real name is “PARTIES IN A LAND CONTRACT, LLC“. But we now call it “P&S” (Parties in a Scam Contract). I got scammed into this project by D’Trick. Initially I got leered in by the Astrology, Jeff is an Astrologist. I originally contacted him for help with my already dead relationship thinking that astrology would help; it might have, but it was already too late for that. After that, Jeff told me about his “secret” projects. Some of them I believed and some of them were a bit out there for me to buy into; but I bought into the project because I believed in him and his ideas collectively, not individually.

What I didn’t know is, that he uses astrology to manipulate people; he took advantage of me and my Libra’s in my astrology chart. I later learned that most all of what he said was a farce and that his entire project was just a scam to suck money out of people to support himself so that he didn’t have to got get a job like the rest of us.


Anyway; so if you buy the scam, you can buy me out. If you want the land for something else, you can buy me out. If you want to lease my 10% of the land, you can do that too; and we will run the contract through a real estate property manager to make sure everything is on the up and up. I am a legitimate owner and a dead holder of the land. There is a ton of clay and rock on the land as well, so I can sell you clay and rock if that is what you need.

I don’t know why, but many believe there is gold in them there hills. So if you want to lease my 10% to go treasure hunting, go for it. I just want to recoup my losses, get out and move on with my life. The land is about 5mi north of DD&D on Mo. 39.

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  1. My name is David Ireland, my brother is Ron Ireland who knows you from your herbal shop in Independence, Mo. I’m retired since September 2015 and recovering from a recent surgery to put stints in my left leg. My brother, Ron, told me that if I could find you that I should talk to you about increasing the blood flow through herbal supplements.

    1. Hello; unless you are speaking in tongue, I am not sure who Ron Ireland is. David-Ray might… he is at the 417 number. My 1st advice is to look up Markus Rothkranz and his wife; you can find him at youtube, facebook and/or at http://www.FreeFoodAndMedicine.net. If you have thick blood, White Willow is the alternative to Aspirin and is a lot healthier for you. If you have thin blood and/or you are a bleeder, I would advise something else. I would start with vitamins and mineral, you pretty much cannot go wrong there. https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/vitamins-minerals.html looks like good information.

      David-Ray may also have a more direct answer for you; my only other suggestion would be garlic, chicory, and a mineral called Selenium. Those are the three things I know to be good for the heart and blood off the top of my head. There also essential oils you can use, but I don’t have my books and/or recipes with me. I am in Oklahoma right now for work, so I have to look things up on line. David-Ray is on the land full time and has access to some of the books. Drink more water, cut out soda and other junk. Juice more, eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid Chlorine as much as possible, for it causes problems with your arteries among other things. Avoid carbonated drinks, hydrogenated oils and avoid high fructose corn syrup as much as possible.

      You will have to change your lifestyle and eating habits, but I understand you cannot do it overnight; baby steps. Start reading labels, educate yourself; eat as raw and natural as possible. Change three things at a time… I suggest starting with sugars, salts and fats. Replace bad sugars with good sugars, bad salts with good salt and bad fats with good fats… before you know it, you will be adding and subtracting other things as well. You don’t have to eat crap to be healthy, there are healthy stuff out there that taste good; you just have to find what works for you.

      Get away from Mans medicine and learn Gods medicine, he gave us everything we need to be strong and healthy; they grow all around us. Most of Gods medicine, we are told are weeds that we need to kill. Start there; stop killing what will heal you, eat it instead. Like Dandelions for example, thistles and chickweed… the list goes on and on… Hope this finds you well, CainO’

      1. http://daviddavidanddavid.com/WP2015/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/OffGrid-Organic-Farm-Retreat-business-card-300×174.png

        PS… exercise… Get out and get active! You don’t have to run a marathon, just get moving more and more… the more you move, the more your blood moves; and the healthier you will be. There are 4 components to health. Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. I have given you the physical aspects… some of this will help with the mental and emotional as well. However; you can will yourself well also, you can also will yourself to be sick. Do things what make you happy, uplift you and your spirit; those things will help as well. Love heals, surround yourself with loving people. Avoid haters and dream stealers.

  2. This is not true at all that you can will yourself better, and this way of thinking is so detrimental, very sad.

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