Peaceful Poco Patches


Peaceful Poco Patches was a name David-Ray’s mom came up with for their farm up north, east of Kansas City. So we are now using it for to represent our animal sanctuary.


Unlike our friend in Texas, we are not Vegan; but we are Kosher. Even though we do plan to maybe someday eat the Kosher animals on our land, we have yet to do so. When we get a gluttony of them, we will then and only then sell them for pets or food, or eat them ourselves. So if you are a Vegan and this upsets you; you might check out and donate to my vegan friend in Texas, Angel Hearts for Animals.

We are cat lovers and we are a safe haven for cats! Refer to our farm/animal section to see what animals we accept. If we cannot accept them, we may know someone who can.  My friend in Texas may not be accepting anymore animals, for she normally has more then she can handle. What she does need, is a little financial help; if you are inclined to do so.

If you know of any animals that are being mistreated and/or miss-handled and they need a better home, this may be the place for them. Financially, do do need some help with fencing; but that’s about it. I have most everything else covered. Right now we cart in our water in 250 gallon totes, but I am saving up to drill for water and of course fencing too.

I don’t normally ask for money, I am a do it myself type of person; but I understand there are people looking to assist in things of this nature. I understand that Teamwork makes the dream work and a closed mouth never gets fed, so I am now officially putting this out there.

You can read through the rest of the site to see the other things we do and support. We also accept CES, though we don’t know too many people who use it yet. Not around here, only in the bigger cities; but we still support and encourage it.

Thanx! CainO’